The following is just a small selection of the uses for QR Secured.  

Museums, Art Galleries, Heritage and Historical sites

Place a QR Tag on each information board to provide further information about each item. The information could be from your website, a third party web site, a movie/sound clip, U-Tube or Facebook page, for example. Save money not having to provide and maintain audio-guide technology.

Link your QR Tag to a 'Treasure-Hunt' - visitors can sign up and log each item they visit. You could award a prize to the winner...

Estate Agents

Create a unique QR Tag for each 'For Sale' board. Link this to the details for the property when the board is placed. Enable casual passers-by to see the property's specific details in two clicks and a few seconds.

Furthermore, you can see from the reports how many tags have been scanned and when.

Colleges, Universities

Place a QR Tag on each building, linked to information about the relevant department or a timetable of lectures/events.

High Street Shops

A QR Tag in your window can link to your website providing useful and timely information to passers by, both in and outside of opening hours. QR Tag Insights will allow you to have different information showing at different times of the day, so you might want to give different information when the shop is shut.
Publications, leaflets, advertisements  
  Place a QR code on your publication to provide readers with extra information about your company or product, ensuring the available information is always up to date.
Personnel ID and validation
  Issue your personnel with ID cards with a QR code. Using our innovative mini-web page system, update information about your personnel so that they can be validated/identified with only a mobile phone/tablet.
Legal, accounting and other professions - Document management  
  Use a QR code and our mini-web page facility to quickly and easily create versioning information. End users can then check whether they have the most up to date version of your document.