QR Secured offers an impressive list of benefits for your business or organisation;
Feature Benefit
Enterprise class software
QR management tasks can be assigned to the right people within your organisation, whilst still maintaining enterprise-wide reporting facilities. Helps you save time and control costs.
Online content management

Cost savings in not having to reprint marketing and other materials

Time savings in avoiding unnecessary print runs

Can make use of already existent web pages etc.

Web-page design available within QR Secured - quick and easy to use, saves having to wait for dedicated web-pages to be created

QR codes provide quick, easy and accurate way of giving your customers information

Helps you hold on to potential customers who otherwise might be lost to you

Reduction in errors caused by typing in URLs

Added security QR Secured uses SSL, encrypted references and a recognisable URL
Web based management application

Set-up time reduced to a matter of minutes

Can be accessed anywhere

Cost savings through not having to maintain equipment or software

Date dependent rules Allows forward planning of your campaigns, and easier integration with other parts of your marketing campaigns
Time dependent rules  Enables you to deliver timely and relevant content
Collection of user information

Geolocation information gives you vital information about when and where your QR codes are being read

Device information helps you to see which  mobile devices people are using, and spot trends

Data-capture option enables you to collect contact information from users

Hosted service No software installation or maintenance issues. Saves you time and money!
Self-hosted option QR Secured can be installed on your own system if you need that extra level of security.